Saturday, 17 March 2012

brown buttons

Dress: Primark, Jumper: Topshop, Tights: Primark (60 denier)

Last summer I really wanted the denim dress from Topshop that looked suspiciously similar to this dress I spotted in Primark for £10 the other day. The only reason I didn't purchase the dress was because of the price tag so this was perfect and I think it will be great for when spring/summer finally comes around! But for now it will have to do with this jumper over the top. Although I do love the collar with the jumper, what do you guys think?

Still dressing for the wedding fair show at the NEC (Birmingham), tomorrow is the last show, so anyone interested in wedding dresses/weddings in general pop down to see all the different stands at the exhibition and the awesome show! (Bias mabes.) 

Love and daisies xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

g'day mate (cringe!)

Dress: Motel Vintage (Topshop), Cross bracelet: Urban Outfitters, 
Random bracelets: charity shop, Nail Varnish: Barry M

Found this dress in Topshop and absolutely love it! I love the little unique brands Topshop are bringing into their stores at the moment. They had these dresses with various different tees attached to the skirt, all so cute and different to anything I've seen before. The cross bracelet was a bargain from Urban Outfitters in their sale at £4. I find their ongoing sales are fab for jewelery but not so great for clothing, what does everyone else think? 

Sorry about the poor quality of photos, didn't have time to take them this morning so had to use flash (bleugh!) when I got back this evening. This week I've got some more work experience at the NEC in Birmingham again being a dresser for the wedding fair. Today we had the fittings for the models, some of the dresses are beautiful but are going to be such a nightmare to change into during the shows! I think bridal is what I want to go into after uni, or maybe a few years down the line. I've always dreamt about having my own boutique bridal store, we will have to see what happens! 

Love and daisies xx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

moustache man

Nails: Elegant Touch Bare Fake Nails,
Barry M shade 279 and MUA liquid eyeliner

Lack of outfit post due to being in my onesie allll day today, was beautiful! Did these nails last night but left them over night to dry. Find it so easier to do nail art on fake nails before they're put on rather than after. I wanted to try something different and after my many purchases of different cross accesories recently I thought crosses on nails would look goood. Wish I'd done them all little crosses now, just thought it would look a bit ott but I don't think it actually would have done. They were so easy to do with the MUA eyeliner which only cost a quid (far cheaper than a nail art pen!) I just popped a clear nail varnish over the top and put them on this morning so they didn't smudge last night.

What do you guys think? What nail art are you loving atm?

Love and daisies xx

ps excuse the bad photo quality, I forgot to bring my camera home this weekend so stuck with 'instagram pics', also notice the lil moustache guy (bottom pic 4th finger!)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

dotty for you

Top: Zara, Leggings and ring: Topshop, Necklace: Vintage Fair

Just a casual, comfy outfit which I wore for uni today. Love polka dots atm think they're so cute and ditsy and this top is fab for hiding all unwanted bits and bobs! Although I bought it in a medium and it does fall off my shoulder a lot so if I bought it again I would defo buy a small. Case of 'try before you buy' I just tuck a bit under my bra strap and cover this with my hair so all sorted!

Had a nightmare with my flatforms today, first time I've worn them properly, not just tottering around them in my room, and they rubbed the back of my foot like hell. I felt like crying. Sucha baby I know but there was blood everywhere it really wasn't a pretty site. (Soz for any squeamish peeps!). Hoping with a few more wears, maybe with tights?!, they might get a bit better. Any suggestions in how to wear-in shoes without killing your feet? 

So much uni work to do right now, yet I'm still on the computer and gonna watch One Born Every Minute in biz, man I love that programme much to Max's worry ha! It really makes me want to be a midwife, think I'm doing the wrong course with doing Fashion Design? Mabes, waa! 

Love and daisies xx

Monday, 5 March 2012

jewelery and stuff

 Heart necklace: Urban Outfitters, Skull ring: Topshop, Cross ring: Vintage fair, Face necklace: Topshop, Penguin salt and pepper shakers and journals: Urban Outfitters

Bit of a random post today but just thought I'd blog about my few recent jewelery purchases. As mentioned previously I have very little accessories I seem to loose them all the time, such a forgetful person. I've wanted the skull ring for some time now and I love it, to rock up a pretty girl outfit with my leather jacket it will be perfect. I've wanted to try out a 2-ring ring (they probz have some spesh name ha) for a while now and this beauty was 4quid at this lovely little vintage fair in brum at the weekend so I snapped it up, yet to wear it to see if it annoys me or not!The happy and sad face necklace just drew to me as such a cutesy accessory, I'm one for kiddy stuff (#kidatheart).

Last 2 photos literally made my day. Went into Urban Outfitters on Friday to upgrade my million-year-old purse and got a free goody bag at the till for signing up to their newsletter. Expecting it to be sweets and loads of leaflets I was nicely surprised with these salt and pepper shakers (slightly obsessed with penguins after Frozen Planet) and then these journals, Max has already nabbed one. there were 3. There were also those fridge magnets with social network phrases on like 'like' ha and 'comment' etc. you've probs all seen them, however stupid me managed to get them mixed up in with the bin bags (waa!) Bar that it's fab! It wasn't advertised so mabes just pop into your Urban Outfitters and linger around til someone buys something and see if they offer the goody bag because it's sucha a good goody bag ;)

Sorry about the boring post/lack of posts, not been feeling my best but hopefully tomorrow I'll give you an outfit post :)

Love and daisies xx

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

hiccups and buttons

Jumper: Newlook, Collar: Top underneath from Topshop seen here, Skirt, Shoes and Headband: H&M, Ribbon: Market

Wore this outfit to uni today, still unsure on the skirt think it makes me look a bit frumpy what do you guys think, keeper or take back? Still tryna save for some disco pants want some sooo bad, they just make everyone's bum look amazing! I need them in my life right now. (If anyone knows a cheap pair link away plzzz!) In love with my flatforms though. Bought them when shopping in London the other day and they are so comfy. I can't wait to wear them on a night out and not have sore feat by the end of the night. Love the fact you can dress them up or down too.

Bought this bag/suitcase thing the other day from Topshop, biiiig mistake. Not only for the ridiculous price tag, the zip broke the moment I used it and then once Max got it shut it just did not wheel. It kept on tipping from side to side and would only wheel on straight surfaces, not great when travelling the backstreet's of brum. So anyone who is tempted to get one of these bags to make your travelling life a bit easier don't. It made my journey double in time and I am returning it tomorrow! 

Massive thank you to all your lovely comments again, I really do read and appreciate every last one so thank you! 

Love and daisies xx

Friday, 24 February 2012


Jumper and leggings: H&M
Another pastel jumper again, another sisters jumper again, predictable again ha. Love this jumper though it's perfect length to wear with leggings and so comfy. Fab for this weird warm-ish weather! Although slightly boring I need more jewelery and accessories, I seem to have lost all my necklaces not sure how waa!

Today I'm in London staying with Max and we went to Oxford Street (yay) and I finally got a mini suitcase/bag with wheels from Topshop. I've wanted one for ages now as all the travelling I do and carrying my laptop around is so heavy and yesterday my massive bag was ridiculously heavy and decided I needed to get a bag with wheels (wimp mabes definitely).

Just watching the first series of True Blood for the first time now, as a lover of Twilight it is not what I expected, really odd has anyone else seen it? What do you guys think?

Love and daisies xx