Thursday, 8 September 2011

number 1.

So here goes my first post... ahh :)
... I'll start by introducing myself to anyone who wishes to know who's behind daisy chain it's me, Sarah don't really have a proper reason why I decided to call my blog daisy chain, wish I could say my name was daisy that would be a good reason. but no ha i just thought it was cute so hope you likee :)
... I tried to set up a blog a few months back which i had to do for part of my uni course, but yeah didn't go to plan and I ended up just posting images of my work and that was it. Hopefully, fingers crossed this blog will go better!
... Bare with me while I try get this blog to look like a blog, I'm not very good with technical stuff and yeah I know it looks very basic at the mo but hopefully it'll be looking good sooon :)
... so yeah bit about me, I've just turned 20 ah so old! and I'm just about to go into my 2nd year of studying fashion design at birmingham city uni. Time has flown so fast this summer had so many months off of holidaying and lazying around, yes i admit i am a 'tad' lazy but hey i'm a student! I won't say too much about me as i'm sure you'll get to know me over the hopefully years of blogging I'll be doing :) so yeah moving on...
... I think I'm gonna be blogging anything and everything really that interests me likee fashion just maybe? ha and hopefully some uni work if any of it is ever good we'll see... I just want to show what a normal fashion students life is like... the good bits and the boring bits :)
... i think i may have rambled on a bit too much for a first post? so i'll just shut up and show you me...

... yes I'm not the 'prettiest', 'skiniest', 'perfectist' (yeah i like to make up words) girl but that's what i want to show, you can be fashionable without being size 0 and look well okay-ish i think/hope :) however i do need to get a tripod, taking photos of myself at arms length when a tad tipsy probs isn't going to make this blog go that far :) ... and yes that is my r-patz book in the background - gotta love him!

love and daisies xxx

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