Sunday, 29 January 2012

girl meets boy

Originally bought this jumper for Christmas, it was in the sale just before Christmas calling out to me in my Christmassy feeling but I still love it. Such a good jumper to just throw on in these horrible cold times! Put this top  on underneath for the lil peter pan collar, really want to buy a detachable collar sometime they just seem to all be so expensive that I find, please link me to any cheapys if you find em! Teamed this with my go-to Topshop skirt just because it looks good with everything.

Really tried to do these nails, big fat fail. They look worse in real life, I have such an unsteady hand and then my topcoat smudged the nail pen so yeh didn't exactly work the best but I just think they're so cute that I'm defo gonna try them again.

Tried the 'beehive' hair-do which was pretty easy to do actually then just put on this simple gold headband from H&M. I've been looking for some small headbands for a while now and these for £1.99 I just had to get them!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.

Love and daisies xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wishful thinking...

 Dress with belt: Primark
Need to start accessorizing! 

Okay, so after the rain this morning the sun was actually shining and it made me feel all summery, until I stepped outside. (boo) I just popped on some black tights and a thick cardy with this dress, for some reason I just felt my knobbly knees had to make an appearance why?! I do not know. Should've taken pics when I was fully ready to face the winter. 

I wasn't sure about this dress at first because of the stripes going across, didn't want it to make me look any bigger! But on the skirt the stripes go diagonal, it looks a lot better than I was expecting. It's quite thick material too, feels alright quality for Primark so is good for the coming Spring months! And the best thing, it was only a tenner. Bargain. 

Just been doing a lot of work today, nothing interesting to report! 

Oh, thank you for the lovely de-stressing tips, greatly appreciated :)

Love and daisies xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

sort your hair out.

Top: Topshop
Skirt Topshop

Sorry about my ridiculously messy hair. I left my straighteners AND hair-dryer at home. It has been a nightmare every single morning trying to do something with my not-so-cool bed head. Luckily Max has gone round to my house to pick em up and bring them to me on Thursday I just have to cope 3 more days now ah.

Anyways, this top I got ageees ago but had totally forgotten I had it til Lily posted about it here. I could never quite get the top to look right with anything, I just use to use it as a collar for underneath jumpers (waste, i know) but when I saw this and knew I had a skirt like that I popped it on. I felt tucking in the top loosely rather than leaving it out suited my shape better, it didn't make me look as frumpy, but well Lily just looks better in everything anyway!

Today was another stressful day, I am in desperate dying  need of some de-stressing tricks guys. Any help greatly appreciated!

Oh and thank you so much for all your comments on heart fulla daisies I've decided I'm keeping the top thanks to all your lovely comments about it.

Love and daisies xx

Saturday, 21 January 2012

heart fulla daisies

Top: Urban Outfitters
Trousers/ Leggins: New Look
Shoes: Topshop
Just realised I'm not looking at the cam on both pics, you don't wanner see me face anyways ha.

Yep, tried to get full outfit shot in with shoes, didn't happen! But well they're just my Allegras so sure EVERYONE knows what they look like. Saw this top in Urban Outfitters yesterday and just had to get it with all the pretty daisies on it. Bit plain though so not sure if it's a keeper yet, what do you guys think??

So sorry about lack of blogging this week had a horrendous week (waa!). Thought I was on top of my uni work until I went in on Tuesday and my tutor basically told me to re-do the whole project, a 4 week project in like 3 days, yeah didn't happen. I was so stressed out locked myself away from the world for those 3 days and literally stayed in my room working all day and night. Was hideous, I looked hideous. So be glad I didn't blog ha. All that stress is over now. Well until Monday when my next project starts.

And breathe. Moaning over. 

Managed to actually find a space in my room to take some outfit pics, I've been struggling to find a good place where both me and the tripod can fit, it's hard in my teeny room. I ended up putting my tripod in my teeny en-suite, basically over my toilet hoping my camera didn't fall off and in the loo! But in the end it is a pretty darn good spot. Alright-ish lighting and plain background woohoo! 

Hope you lovelies have had a better week than me, looking forward now to chilling and catching up on what you guys have been doing!

Love and daisies xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

weekend in pictures

Had a bit of a splurge in Topshop (arjghjdfhs) but I love them all and might take some stuff back (ha).  
Me and Max went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, loved it. Although, be prepared for some er uncomfortable scenes. (Don't go see with parents.)

Had my first Urban Pie. Oh my gosh it was #amazeballs. Best pie I have ever had. If there is one near you, think they're only in Brum and Leics , you MUST go get now if your a pie lover like me.
Just sums up my weekend!

How was your weekend? So glad blogger has a reply button now, horraay! So any budding questions, ask away! 

Love and daisies xx

Saturday, 14 January 2012


 Made this Victoria sponge cake for Max's birthday on Wednesday, well made the cake on Thursday as unfortunately I was feeling too ill to make a cake on the Weds. So whisked this up quickly on the Thursday for him before heading back to uni. Tbh I'm pretty impressed with myself, I'm not that great on making cakes but this one turned out far better than I expected (hence blogging about it). It's just a basic victoria sponge cake with cream and chopped strawberries in the middle, tastes delicious! I love victoria sponge cakes, I love any cake tbh.

Here is a quick snap of what I wore today, just some burgundy leggins and the tee is Max's he got from a vintage shop.

I've been quite busy recently, moved back up to Birmingham on Thursday then have just had so much uni work it's been hard to find time to blog. Thank you for all your lovely comments on my little tutorial (all tied up) the other day, I am definitely going to be wearing my hair like this more often now! 

 Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend, Me and Max just  made our lil Nando's meal - bought the peri peri salt and everything! Was sooo good! Check my twitter @dsychain for a pic of the chicken, would definitely recommend anyone who loves Nandos to try it out!

Love and daisies xx 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

all tied up: tutorial

As mentioned previously in the all tied up post  I said I would give a quick tutorial on how to do a bow with your hair on top of your head. Probably works best with hair my length or longer, hair shoulder length would probably still work just need to be able to tie your hair up in a bun.

Hope this helps...

1. Tie Hair up into a high pony tail. Pull hair up to top of head so pony tail is sitting a bit higher on your head than this picture below.

2. Back comb the pony tail to create more volume.

3. Tuck end of pony tail into hair band to create a loop, don't worry about any stray hairs that wont go in.
4. HAIRSPRAY! I use Tresemme Freeze Hold hairspray, dries your hair out but keeps it up! Try and work the stranded hairs into the bun with hairspray, if they keep coming out don't worry.

5. Split the bun down the middle into 2.

6. Pull a strand of hair, a few cm's thick from the back of your bun, careful not to pull the bun out.

7. Pull strand of hair down the middle of the bun and wrap round the bottom and pin at the back with a grip(s).

8. Keep on hairspraying! 

9. Pin any strands of hair into the back with grips and try to make a bit neater than above, although I quite like the messyness!

10. Voila! 

(Picture taken from the other day, my makeup looked bad when I was taking these pics above!)

Hope this tutorial makes sense, I'm not very good at explaining things! If you need any help just ask in the comment box below or tweet me @dsychain and maybe give me a cheeky follow too? :D 

Let me know if any of you guys try this too, would love to see your pics!

Love and daisies xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Happy Sundays.

Dress worn as top: Awear (sale) 
Skirt: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Wore this outfit for a meal out and to the cinema during the week just never got time to post it. My sister got this bargain dress from Awear, think it was closing down or just had a massive sale on, for £7 down from £25, I think. It's a dress to go out in really but as I was only going for a meal and to the cinema thought it was a bit OTT so teamed it with my black skirt that I wear with everything, so be warned you will see this skirt many times! Love this necklace my sister bought me for Christmas, would show up better with a plain top it's just too cool not to wear.

Today I've just realised how much uni work I actually have to get done before I'm back which is stressing me out slightly. I'm one of those people who just sit there and think of all the stuff I have to do, get myself stressed out then never end up doing any of it, therefore stressing myself out even more! So any de-stressing techniques would be greatly appreciated!

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend,
Love and daisies xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

pineapple & sweetcorn

Shirt: Charity Shop
Necklace: Topshop
This is what I wore yesterday, just didn't get chance to take any photos of my outfit so put it back on for photo purposes as today was just a lazy day for me (my lazy clothes aren't so attractive!). Been looking for a denim shirt for a while now but they all seem to be over priced but I could just about afford this priced at £3.99. (Only just as my loan hasn't come in yet :( boo!) It is a bit too big for me tbh but think that just adds to the scruffy/ painter-y effect I was going for. Just added this Topshop necklace to 'jazz up' this pretty plain outfit. I wore black tights and a tight black skirt underneath from H&M.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my previous post 'all tied up' a few of you commented asking how I achieved the bow with my hair so I will do a post soon on how to do this. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Love and daisies xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

all tied up

Top: Miss Guided
Glasses: Primark

Thought I'd try the up-do bow look today. Know it's a bit past it's time but I quite like it. I get bored with wearing my hair down but think hair down best suits me. It was surprisingly easy to do, just messed around with a bun for a while and voilĂ ! Not the most neat and amazing bun but think it's a pretty good effort for my first time. Have any of you got any different hair suggestions I can try out? Or that work well for you? 

Jumper is from Miss Guided, it's actually my sisters, (love being home and being able to steal borrow my sisters clothes!) Loving the leopard print cross, gotta love a bit of leopard print atm. It's so cosey too! Winter, comfy clothing ftw. 

Love and daisies xx

Monday, 2 January 2012


 Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: H&M
Just a quick post to show what I wore today. Love this jumper for when I need something to throw on quickly, hides all those mince pies jam tarts and chocolate fingers eaten over this fatty period. It's so comfy and perfect for this time of year.

Had a lazy day today, should have done some uni work, instead watched Harry Potter with Max (determined to watch them all before we go back to uni) then managed to take the spare wheel off from under the boot of my car?! Phoned my dad (aka god of help when things go wrong) and thankfully he fixed it.

So happy to be getting back into blogging, I love reading all your blogs. Thank you for all your comments, I appreciate every single one.

Love and daisies xx