Tuesday, 28 February 2012

hiccups and buttons

Jumper: Newlook, Collar: Top underneath from Topshop seen here, Skirt, Shoes and Headband: H&M, Ribbon: Market

Wore this outfit to uni today, still unsure on the skirt think it makes me look a bit frumpy what do you guys think, keeper or take back? Still tryna save for some disco pants want some sooo bad, they just make everyone's bum look amazing! I need them in my life right now. (If anyone knows a cheap pair link away plzzz!) In love with my flatforms though. Bought them when shopping in London the other day and they are so comfy. I can't wait to wear them on a night out and not have sore feat by the end of the night. Love the fact you can dress them up or down too.

Bought this bag/suitcase thing the other day from Topshop, biiiig mistake. Not only for the ridiculous price tag, the zip broke the moment I used it and then once Max got it shut it just did not wheel. It kept on tipping from side to side and would only wheel on straight surfaces, not great when travelling the backstreet's of brum. So anyone who is tempted to get one of these bags to make your travelling life a bit easier don't. It made my journey double in time and I am returning it tomorrow! 

Massive thank you to all your lovely comments again, I really do read and appreciate every last one so thank you! 

Love and daisies xx

Friday, 24 February 2012


Jumper and leggings: H&M
Another pastel jumper again, another sisters jumper again, predictable again ha. Love this jumper though it's perfect length to wear with leggings and so comfy. Fab for this weird warm-ish weather! Although slightly boring I need more jewelery and accessories, I seem to have lost all my necklaces not sure how waa!

Today I'm in London staying with Max and we went to Oxford Street (yay) and I finally got a mini suitcase/bag with wheels from Topshop. I've wanted one for ages now as all the travelling I do and carrying my laptop around is so heavy and yesterday my massive bag was ridiculously heavy and decided I needed to get a bag with wheels (wimp mabes definitely).

Just watching the first series of True Blood for the first time now, as a lover of Twilight it is not what I expected, really odd has anyone else seen it? What do you guys think?

Love and daisies xx

Monday, 20 February 2012

dedication to my sis

 So it was my lil sissys 18th birthday on Friday (eep!) and here are just a few snapshots from the celebrations! We went to center parcs last weekend (hence swans, snow and woods!) which was fab I loveee it there, only place I love riding my bike #goawaycars. We then went to Alton Towers on her actual birthday which was fab because it wasn't busy at all so we went on the rides repeatedly! She then had a lil 'cocktails and cupcakes' party with her friends on Saturday and then we all went out which was weird, being out with my sis but good toooo. All in all I think she had a pretty good 18th!

What have you all done/ hoping to do for your 18ths??

Love and daisies xx

P.S One last time... Happy 18th sissy! xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2012

peachy fine


Jumper: Zara
Skirt: Topshop

This jumper is actually my sisters and I think makes me look a bit frumpy but I just love the colour! Plus it's mega comfy, I'm loving the jumper and skirt combo atm. 

So sorry I've been such a bad blogger recently! Been so busy, which is very unlike me ha! I managed to get some work experience at the NEC in Birmingham helping out behind the scenes of a fashion show which was very exciting! I also had my deadline for my styling for editorial project at uni, final images to be coming soon!! annnnd it's my lil sis' 18th Birthday tomoro! We're off to Alton Towers in the day and then she's having a party and going out on the Saturday which is all very exciting, can't believe she's going to be 18! 

I will definitely be back to regular blogging from now on, I have this next week off for 'researching' so I have no excuses! Also apologies to lack of visiting you lovely peoples blogs, I have literally had no life for the past few weeks, I'm excited to see what you guys have been blogging about, sad? mabes ha.

Love and daisies xx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

styling for editorial...

(Right) Bodice: Primark. Sunglasses: Primark (painted gold). Gum Shield: Sports Direct. Headband: Forever 21.
(Left) Coat: Republic. Top: Primark. Gum Shield: Sports Direct.

 Top: Topshop (swimming costume). Belts: Primark (all). Trousers: Zara.

Jumper: Primark. Shirt: Tesco, Florence & Fred. Leotard: Republic. Shorts: American Apparel. Shoes: Tesco (painted gold and added handmade leather bows).

(Left) Same as above. (Left&Right) Jumper: Primark. Bandeau: American Apparel. Shorts: Topshop. Bum-bag: H&M (purse made into bag). Headband: H&M. Earphones: Argos (painted gold). Shoes: Tesco.

Here is a quick preview of my photo shoot I mentioned the other day.

For my uni course (fashion design at Birmingham City Uni) in our second year we get to choose a few mini projects and for my last project I chose styling for editorial. It has been so fun! We got to choose a magazine to work for (not literally obvz!) and had to start our research from 1 of 10 photographs given to us. I chose to work from a Deborah Turbeville photograph, see here for more information on her and the photograph I chose. She is an amazing photographer and I love her work. I started off by looking into the sporty styling of the chosen photograph and the odd, rustic locations and ended up here with these photos.

I had to basically organise and style this photo shoot, finding clothes to manipulate to make them look designer rather than Primark! Find and choose a location for the shoot, decide on the hair and make up and on the poses the models would be doing etc.

My photographer, Alessandra Scala was amazing. She does fashion photography at BCU go check out more of her work hereshe's awesome. She even edited the photos for me which I think has made them look so professional!

My models were FREEZING cold! I felt so bad but I think they look pretty amazing! You might be able to tell one of them is my sister, best lil sis in the world! If you can't tell she's the one with darker brown hair and the other is my sisters friend Beth who just simply looks amaze!

The final photos will be coming soon, so watch this space!

I need to make a 4-6 page magazine spread for Dazed and Confused so if you could let me know what you think of these photos, which you think would look best together in a magazine etc. I would be truely grateful!

Love and daisies xx

All photographs were taken by Alessandra Scala, styled by me and modelled by my sister and Beth Warner. If you wish to use these photos for anything please let me know and credit those who did all the hard work. Thank you! :)

Friday, 3 February 2012

friday night.

(oh so happy...)
Jumper: Hearts & Bows
Shirt: Charity shop
Leggins: Topshop
Hair: WHSmiths Soft Pastels

Wore something a little casual today, felt a bit like a man ha! But it was soo comfy and warm! Love these leggins, they're really thick so good for warmth. They work well as trousers too (no VPL!) I hate wearing trousers so they are perfect! Wore jeans for the first time in years yesterday felt so weird!

After seeing Emma's post here I knew I had to try this dip dyeing effect with chalk out. I love changing my hair but am always a bit of a scaredy cat, so to try something out that's not permanent was perfect for me. I wasn't too sure it was going to work as my hair is quite dark but well I think it looks fab. It does come off quite easily onto your clothing so if you do try it out wear something old and brush it out quite a bit before you pop on something else. I also found hairspray kept it in quite well! 

I've been soo busy this week, hence no posts waa :(. For my uni course this time I've been doing a styling project which is so exciting, we basically had to style our own photoshoot, get models, photographer etc. for it. It's been so stressful but so fun! And to top it off I've got a few weeks less as I've got a work placement that starts tomorrow so have been rushing it a little! (Will be blogging about this soon!) My photoshoot was yesterday and the photos look fab and really professional I'm so impressed. My photographer has been editing them for me and I will soon post all about the photoshoot when they are all done and dusted!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,

Love and daisies xx