Monday, 24 October 2011

ladybugz + nailz.

just thought i'd quickly blog the nails i just did, bit obsessed with ladybirds, my mum gave me her old red fiesta a few years back so i put black spots on it and eyelashes to make it a ladybug, waay cute ha :D so when i saw a pic of these of google i just had to do them ...

i literally just painted my nails red, used liquid eyeliner for the black bits and white nail varnish for the eyes then put a top coat over. It wasn't hard just bit tricky espesh on my right hand! The nail varnish i used it so good its called 'All About Nails' and is 99p from tesco! I have loads of them and they dry quite fast and don't chip for a few days ha! For 99p can't really complain! 

Has anyone else got any cool nail ideas? I'm loving changing my nails atm so link me up to any DIY nails you guys have done :D

love and daisies xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


i need to get better at this blogging thing dont i... oops :D
i have actually been a bit busy for me, went to landaan to see my boyfriend and forgot my cam, this is why there haven't been posts for a while annd well i got back on monday at 12am so this counts as getting back on tuesday yeah? after me being so stupid with train tickets.. long story i had to get 4 trains back i hate trains haa. i love them when its a short journey and really simple, not when i have to get on and off 4 trains finding all the platforms and waiting in the freezing cold with no coat! Then last night I went to see Jessie J (ahhhh) at the o2 she was amazeeeeee-ing! i love her so much. i saw her last time she was at the o2 then at v and now the o2 again! best thing is i dont even have to pay at the o2! i do this leafleting thing where if you hand out leaflets before the gig you get in free its beaut!

anyways on with the fashion... i finally thought it was cold enough to wear my beautiful coat, it always takes me a while to get into winter, im still wanting to go out in just a cardy but no today was the day... ha

in dedication of jessie j :D ...

coat from topshop, blogged about it before you lovely followers may remember? just in love with it. Loafers - Tescos wear them literally everyday, so comfy well now, right at the start they messed my feet up at bit and had to walk round with a million plasters but they are so comf now! and glittery socks from forever 21 (i think) just adding a bit more cuteness to the outfit :D

highlight of my evening tonight, to eat my pie. i've been talking about it all day, all last week even and i finally got round to buying a pie, pasta and rice has really gotten boring and i so can't wait to eat my pie, sad i know but i don't care :D 

i will try my bestest to keep blogging, going home this weekend so will hopefully get some shots in my sisters clothing haa 

love and daisies xx

Monday, 10 October 2011

76 more sleeps...

so says Santa on twitter haa! saw this jumper in Primark in the men's section and had to have it! Me and my sister wanted to get christmas jumpers last year but we couldn't find any cheap ones so i need to go out to primark again to go buy her one so we can be matching this Christmas, yes we are that cool :D they have other jazzy jumpers too my boyfriend got the other one they had in the b'ham Primark which is just a tad uncooler than my reindeer one :D go get yours for christmas nooow!

for only 12 quid its a bargain!

Hope you all had a good weekend! :)

love and daisies xx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

cheers to the freakin' weekend

... okay so i've been a bit of a bad blogger, oops! Just that hot weather, yes it was nice when outside but when you have work to do and you're stuck in a student flat which is facing the sun all day where the windows only open 2cm it was not nice. And yeah okay its not an excuse but I really didn't feel up to blogging, ice and 4od seemed so much better at that time!

Theeen Max my boyfriend came to visit for the weekend and just left today soooo I've only just got round to blogging... sorreeey! We had the best weekend though, he's at uni in London now and with me in Birmingham we don't see each other as much as we did in the summer so it was great to see him this weekend :D

We went to this really cute cocktail bar where they have sweetie cocktails like pear drop (nommm!) lemon sherbet, rhubarb and custard etc. all old school sweets and they serve them in jam jars, Max went for the gin cocktails, which me having still 10 year old tastebuds I didn't like bar this blackberry one was sooo goood!

 Pear drop and  bramble (gin, blackberry & lemon ... i think!)

Bloody Mary (eughhh!) and my pear drop, again...

Also had a lil shopping spree while he was here, used Max's phone to do that SCVNGR game thing to get 20% off in Topshop, its dead easy to do so defo do it if you have a clever phone haa and got the coat  which I've been wanting for ageeeeees so obviously bought it on the hottest day in october ever, as you do haa cannot wait to wear it, and fingers crossed it may just be getting a bit colder! snow maybe?! crazeeey!!
Bought this lil cutie as well, was perfect for cocktails ...

Going with the polka dot rage and didn't think it looked like a usual Topshopy number, in love with it & with 20% off perfect!

Hope everyone's had a lovely hot october, so weiiird! Promise to keep more up to date with the blogging this week!! 

love and daisies xx