Monday, 24 October 2011

ladybugz + nailz.

just thought i'd quickly blog the nails i just did, bit obsessed with ladybirds, my mum gave me her old red fiesta a few years back so i put black spots on it and eyelashes to make it a ladybug, waay cute ha :D so when i saw a pic of these of google i just had to do them ...

i literally just painted my nails red, used liquid eyeliner for the black bits and white nail varnish for the eyes then put a top coat over. It wasn't hard just bit tricky espesh on my right hand! The nail varnish i used it so good its called 'All About Nails' and is 99p from tesco! I have loads of them and they dry quite fast and don't chip for a few days ha! For 99p can't really complain! 

Has anyone else got any cool nail ideas? I'm loving changing my nails atm so link me up to any DIY nails you guys have done :D

love and daisies xx


  1. Wow, your nails looks so great - what a creative thing to do. I would practise nail art on my nails but I can barely paint them one colour :).


  2. SO CUTE! They're so neatly painted too - love it! x

  3. Your nails are absolutely beautiful! Love the lady bags, so cute!!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  4. love the nails! I always make a mess of my right hand though too!


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