Thursday, 29 December 2011


I'm back. Here to stay, promise.

New look, new style and hopefully you'll be able to purchase some of my handcrafted jewelry soon!
I love blogging and not really sure why and how I stopped, life just got too busy and then I felt it was too late to get back into it, so I thought new years day will be the day and finally at 8pm I am getting wrong to doing a post. So lazy and unorganised!

I love this saying 'happiness is a mood not a destination. I first heard it on One Tree Hill (oh Julian...) and it just makes perfect sense. All our lives, we (well, maybe just me, generalising a bit here) watched fairy tales repeatedly, were told that if we have friends we'll be happy, go to university and have the 'time of your life', be in a relationship and be happy, over the moon, head over heels in love all the time. But the reality is no one is ever happy all the time, if you are then, well you're just annoying. I just think it's a perfect quote and has opened my eyes to not head towards that fairy tale destination, to just enjoy life right now rather than looking forward to life. (Doesn't mean to say I'm still hoping Prince Charming will come whisk me off to some castle one day...)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, New Years Eve. Got fat and now starting the diet. I plan to eat healthy and play on just dance for the rest of the year.

Dress: Topshop
Hair dye: L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss
 Dyed my hair this 'Black Cherry' colour the other day. I get bored really easily with my hair, I did want to chop it shorter into a Alexa Chung style but freaked out the of day the hairdressers and kept the length. I didn't know what colour to dye my hair, and Max, my boyfriend persuaded me to get this colour and I think he chose well. I love the colour. It is only semi-permanent but I think once it's all out I'll dye my hair permanently this colour as I really like it and think it has come out really well for a semi-permanent dye. 

Until next time...
Love and Daisies x x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous hair colour!!
    Laur x

  2. Love your hair colour, it suits you so much! Really lovely dress too, I'm loving dresses with little side cut-outs, and this one is so so pretty.
    Happy New Year!
    Le Bibliotheque

  3. that dress is really, really lovely! x

  4. I love your hair colour and dress happy new year x

  5. Love the dress and the lady bird nails on previous post!

  6. Your hair color is beautiful! The dress is lovely too. Happy new year. xo

  7. I love your hair colour! Your bf chose well.
    Happy New Year :)


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