Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ha pea days

jumper - hearts & bows (ark)
top - topshop
leggins - next
sunglasses - american eagle (purchased in new york, only 10 dollars yaay!)

converse purchased in new york too so cheaper :D
socks - old and holey from river island
sneaky allegra trying to squeeze in!


never ever used fake nails before, i hate that fake french manicure look so never really bothered with them until my roomy used em and i didnt even realise she was wearing fake nails! So i decided i'd give them a go and i likee! i used the broadway 'real life' nails, painted them first however if you do this i'd suggest leaving them over night as i smudged em and had to take it all off and start again. Got myself in a bit of a mess as usual! but yes decided to go with the polka dot rage, just put the topcoat on a bit too soon on my left thumb so bit smudged bar that i'm defo gonna use again! 

now to catch up on 71 degrees north, love it!

love and daisies xx

Monday, 26 September 2011

you know it.


Shirt from tesco as seen in 'tesco's finest' bow tie is a bit of ribbon from the market tied into a cute bow, worn this outfit with the well-known beauty ALLEGRAS ahhh :D had em for a while now so comft just a bit of a giant in them as i'm rather tall anyways ha, but who cares theyre beaut! Taking full advantage that Max (the boyo) isn't here as i'm bit taller than him in heels, bless 'im :D

back to school uni todaay! big girl now! was a good day, had to be in at 1, finished about half 2, can't complain :D was loveely to see everyone again today i have missed em. Have quite a few decisions to make soon about what modules i wanner take this year, and i aint good at making decisions they scare me. 

oh yeah went to Style Birmingham yesterday, after forgetting my camera last year I remembered it yet forgot my SD card waaa! was sooo annoyed at myself but it was soo good, waay better than last year, seemed to be more of a fashion show rather than just showcasing high street fashion, could tell a lot of effort had gone into it. We also went to the MAC showy thing where there was a makeup artist showing how to create different looks was very good, got some free champers and sat front row the keen beans we are! Absolutely love MAC makeup, however not loving their prices but i do want to invest some of their products and now student loans in... waheeey! Shopping spree(s) defo needed! not had money alllllll summer so to have that much and no overdraft its awesome :D

Off to go paint my nails and have a chinese - nom!

love and daisies xoxo bloggerz

Saturday, 24 September 2011

other side of the world

moving day AHHH!

     cheesy smiles ftw woo...

Sooo moved back to brum today, had sooo much stuff and still forgot things! started putting photos up around the room to make it look a bit more homey. I'm a home-girl at heart so do miss my fam and friends a lot when I go away but do love my independence and not having to say where i'll be every second! My room is a lot bigger than last year which is good more spacious for arty crafts to be going on, hope to share some creations with you lovely bloggers soon! 

Outfits all from toppyshop surprise surprise! Love this nerdy dinosaur top, gotta love a bit of dino-fash! And yeah skirt from what I wore in my 'birthday suit'  just something comfy for the drive and heavy lifting - so many bags! 

Need to find a better place in my room to take these photos but I now have a tripod waheey courtesy of my loveleey boyfriend Max! - miss him just a lil bit :((( buuut he's at uni in london soo good for visiting yay! 

Anyways I need sleep! Going to Style Live Birmingham tomoro with George Lamb hosting yuum! Should be goood and defo not forgetting my cam this time so will be posting about it sometime soon hopefully, sorry about the lack of blogging, uni taking over but now im all moved and settled you should be getting more posts!

Oh and one final thing wanna dip the ends of my hair again, had it done at the hairdressers before and it seems to have faded out a bit, want it lighter, any tips?? im scareed! 

love and daises people xx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

eugh packing...

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days I've been a busy bee packing stuff for uni and starting my uni project, which i was meant to do over the summer oops... its basically a project to try and get us to think about what we wanna do with our lives (ahh) and yeah i'm so indecisive anyways that i just could not decide for the life of me what i wanted to do therefore i couldn't start the essay and presentation (ew ew ew!) until i had decided... i think i know what i want to do now but hey my mind could change at any moment so we shall see!

Anyways on the packing front, i hate it. and i hate it even more so when its packing for uni. just packing everything up to unpack it all seems like such a waste of time and it takes me forever. i get soo distracted! although i did love a bit of 'basics' shopping in tescos yesterday - gotta love tescos! bought some right bargains best one by far theyre selling a massive bag of pasta like mahooosive for 2quid, go get yours now! literally lived off pasta last year! anyone got any tips for packing? or just uni in general?

Also seeing as i've not posted an outfit post recently, i've been slobbing around too much at home i thought i may aswell blog about thee most comfiest item of clothing you can ever have...
(sorry about the awful photo - weren't looking me best!)
... my jack wills joggers, my boyfriend got me them for my birthday as i kept on nicking his cus they are just soooooo comfy! i have them in a lovely purple colour loving the colour purple atm seriously recommend everyone getting a pair, can defo see myself wearing them a lot at uni!

lotsa love and daisies xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

lazy sundays...

can sundays be anything else than lazying around? - typical student speaking here ha helped my boyfriend pack a bit for uni today - he goes back tomorrow waaa! :) then catched up on x factor with my mum and collected my Avon books. yes i started avon just to try and get a bit of dollar in and tbh it hadn't really payed off but this time i seem to have got a lot more orders so hopefully it will start to gradually be getting better!

Wearing my comfty wooly orange jumper here from Primark perfect for a lazy sunday and think it was only £12 so go get yours now! Thinking to pair it with my black Topshop skirt (seen here on my birthday suit post) for when I go back to uni, fashion it up a bit but for now comfy jumper + leggins it is!

Went out for a meal to a local chinese was sooo good had this amazing orange bomb for for puddin'! was orange icecream coated in milk chocolate with some chocolate sauce thing in the middle was sooo good! don't think i've ever had orange icecream before was delish!

Now just catching up on BINTM then Spooks at 9 woohoo! Another thank you to all my comments and followers so grateful i really am, thank youuu!

much love and daisies to all you bloggers! xx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

tesco's finest

yesterday i found these beautys from Tesco's who would've thought florence and fred would become so fashionable ey? Both each were £14! bargain! A whole outfit for 28 quid not bad when you probs wouldn't even be able to buy a shirt for that price in Topshop, and tbh i think it looks quite topshop-y defo gonna be looking in tescos more often now!

Today me and my Mum went to the Rainbows Hospice Fair (check out the link for the amazing work they do!) which is a childrens hospice just round the corner from my house in Loughborough  where they do amazing things for children with  terminal illnesses. They've just had an extension to the hospice so they had it open to the public to see the renovation. The work they have done there is fantastic, they've made it so modern and homey, nothing like a hospital at all. It really does put everything into perspective when you see what some people have to go through in their lives.

Hope everyone's having a fine Saturday evening, I'm just about to go to my boyfriends to watch forest gump, never watched it my sister has told me it is good, although I'm thinking I'll probably fall asleep half way through as I'm so tired! And have only just realised I'm missing xfactor?! Damn we best have it on record! Anyways toodle-ooo 
daisy lovee xxx

oh ps thank you soooo much for the comments and followers I really do appreciate every single one of you, I know theres not much to go on when you click follow so thank you so much! xx

love and daisies xx 

Thursday, 15 September 2011

birthday suit.

sooo it was my birthday a few weeks ago... 1st of september in fact haa! but thought i'd do a quite be-lated outfit post of my birthday suit ha had a fab time turning 20 ah so old! got a tad drunk and went out in my good lil home town of loughborough with my best friends and boyfriend was awesome ...

top and skirt both from Topshop ... should've guessed really ha
love the pockets in the skirt and the bow round the waist band (can't really see on this photo) just makes it quite cute and bit different from every other black skirt! Loving peter pan collars atm they're so adorable!

love and daisies xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


who doesn't love a good indie shirt buttoned all the way to the top?

love my (well my sisters!) old topshop bright red farmers shirt! I'm loving a bit of red at the mo with my vintage denim shorts, good for the autumn paired with tights or on the off chance it is a bit sunny, cute little socks with biker boots = YUM!

... another old, 'borrowed' from the lil sis shirt, really should get some shirts of my own, gonna suffer when I go back to uni

... shirt's from next - struggle to find decent clothes in there normally! however it is old.

... really really need to invest in a tripod don't I or a willing person to take many photos of my outfits, I aint the most photogenic person, literally about 1 in a million photos of me is decent ha :)

Hope everyone is having a fine Tuesday arvo... as you can see I'm only just starting up so would love for any comments on what you think of my blog 

lots of daisy loveee xxx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

daisy dreams...

yes i need some dollar... STUDENT LOAN pleaseee hurry up! In the mean time i can dream about what i want in my Autumn wardrobe...
 Topshop mustard velvet tie double breasted coat - saw this when I went down to London in Oxford Street store, couldn't resist to not try it on and i loved it! Sooooo cute! Just me being the poor student I can't afford it, i'll try save up ha...

again another Topshop, you will soon realise i just love most things about topshop, need to try get myself away and a bit more varied! Love this beaut knitted chunky stitch jumper i want a christmas jumper!!! Tempted to ask my grandma to knit me one - tad cheaper!

Zara panel skirt - teamed with a comfty knitted jumper ^ sorted!

Final Topshop ... SACRED velvet bow court shoes just in love with them.

What's everybody else dreaming for their Autumn wardrobe?

love and daisies xxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

number 1.

So here goes my first post... ahh :)
... I'll start by introducing myself to anyone who wishes to know who's behind daisy chain it's me, Sarah don't really have a proper reason why I decided to call my blog daisy chain, wish I could say my name was daisy that would be a good reason. but no ha i just thought it was cute so hope you likee :)
... I tried to set up a blog a few months back which i had to do for part of my uni course, but yeah didn't go to plan and I ended up just posting images of my work and that was it. Hopefully, fingers crossed this blog will go better!
... Bare with me while I try get this blog to look like a blog, I'm not very good with technical stuff and yeah I know it looks very basic at the mo but hopefully it'll be looking good sooon :)
... so yeah bit about me, I've just turned 20 ah so old! and I'm just about to go into my 2nd year of studying fashion design at birmingham city uni. Time has flown so fast this summer had so many months off of holidaying and lazying around, yes i admit i am a 'tad' lazy but hey i'm a student! I won't say too much about me as i'm sure you'll get to know me over the hopefully years of blogging I'll be doing :) so yeah moving on...
... I think I'm gonna be blogging anything and everything really that interests me likee fashion just maybe? ha and hopefully some uni work if any of it is ever good we'll see... I just want to show what a normal fashion students life is like... the good bits and the boring bits :)
... i think i may have rambled on a bit too much for a first post? so i'll just shut up and show you me...

... yes I'm not the 'prettiest', 'skiniest', 'perfectist' (yeah i like to make up words) girl but that's what i want to show, you can be fashionable without being size 0 and look well okay-ish i think/hope :) however i do need to get a tripod, taking photos of myself at arms length when a tad tipsy probs isn't going to make this blog go that far :) ... and yes that is my r-patz book in the background - gotta love him!

love and daisies xxx