Tuesday, 27 September 2011

ha pea days

jumper - hearts & bows (ark)
top - topshop
leggins - next
sunglasses - american eagle (purchased in new york, only 10 dollars yaay!)

converse purchased in new york too so cheaper :D
socks - old and holey from river island
sneaky allegra trying to squeeze in!


never ever used fake nails before, i hate that fake french manicure look so never really bothered with them until my roomy used em and i didnt even realise she was wearing fake nails! So i decided i'd give them a go and i likee! i used the broadway 'real life' nails, painted them first however if you do this i'd suggest leaving them over night as i smudged em and had to take it all off and start again. Got myself in a bit of a mess as usual! but yes decided to go with the polka dot rage, just put the topcoat on a bit too soon on my left thumb so bit smudged bar that i'm defo gonna use again! 

now to catch up on 71 degrees north, love it!

love and daisies xx


  1. Lovely shots! :)
    I love the nails!!

    stop by sometime, xoxo

  2. I like your fake nails, the pattern is so cute. I really love your converse, I am so jealous that you purchased them cheaply in the US. Where I am they are over £30 and when I was in Prague they were about £50!


  3. wow, I love your nails <333

  4. I love your converses. Allegra shoes are great, allegra sounds like it should be a type of animal though x

  5. Good choices!


Thank you very much for your lovely comments. I love you all and promise to take a peek at your lovely blogs :) x