Monday, 26 September 2011

you know it.


Shirt from tesco as seen in 'tesco's finest' bow tie is a bit of ribbon from the market tied into a cute bow, worn this outfit with the well-known beauty ALLEGRAS ahhh :D had em for a while now so comft just a bit of a giant in them as i'm rather tall anyways ha, but who cares theyre beaut! Taking full advantage that Max (the boyo) isn't here as i'm bit taller than him in heels, bless 'im :D

back to school uni todaay! big girl now! was a good day, had to be in at 1, finished about half 2, can't complain :D was loveely to see everyone again today i have missed em. Have quite a few decisions to make soon about what modules i wanner take this year, and i aint good at making decisions they scare me. 

oh yeah went to Style Birmingham yesterday, after forgetting my camera last year I remembered it yet forgot my SD card waaa! was sooo annoyed at myself but it was soo good, waay better than last year, seemed to be more of a fashion show rather than just showcasing high street fashion, could tell a lot of effort had gone into it. We also went to the MAC showy thing where there was a makeup artist showing how to create different looks was very good, got some free champers and sat front row the keen beans we are! Absolutely love MAC makeup, however not loving their prices but i do want to invest some of their products and now student loans in... waheeey! Shopping spree(s) defo needed! not had money alllllll summer so to have that much and no overdraft its awesome :D

Off to go paint my nails and have a chinese - nom!

love and daisies xoxo bloggerz


  1. Don't enjoy the price of mac too. I need to have a look in tesco..x

  2. Ah that blouse looks lovely! Will be straight over to Tesco when I next can! x

  3. you have lovely hair! cute glasses ;)

    xo zebra and meerkat

  4. That's such a cute blouse, I can't believe it's from Tesco, I want it!!


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