Saturday, 24 September 2011

other side of the world

moving day AHHH!

     cheesy smiles ftw woo...

Sooo moved back to brum today, had sooo much stuff and still forgot things! started putting photos up around the room to make it look a bit more homey. I'm a home-girl at heart so do miss my fam and friends a lot when I go away but do love my independence and not having to say where i'll be every second! My room is a lot bigger than last year which is good more spacious for arty crafts to be going on, hope to share some creations with you lovely bloggers soon! 

Outfits all from toppyshop surprise surprise! Love this nerdy dinosaur top, gotta love a bit of dino-fash! And yeah skirt from what I wore in my 'birthday suit'  just something comfy for the drive and heavy lifting - so many bags! 

Need to find a better place in my room to take these photos but I now have a tripod waheey courtesy of my loveleey boyfriend Max! - miss him just a lil bit :((( buuut he's at uni in london soo good for visiting yay! 

Anyways I need sleep! Going to Style Live Birmingham tomoro with George Lamb hosting yuum! Should be goood and defo not forgetting my cam this time so will be posting about it sometime soon hopefully, sorry about the lack of blogging, uni taking over but now im all moved and settled you should be getting more posts!

Oh and one final thing wanna dip the ends of my hair again, had it done at the hairdressers before and it seems to have faded out a bit, want it lighter, any tips?? im scareed! 

love and daises people xx


  1. You have super gorgeous eyes ... and sorry, no hair tips; I'm desperately trying to figure out what to do with mine at the moment :/

  2. love your hair:) i dyed the tips of my hair myself by bleaching them:)xxx

  3. Use a highlighting kit, put in on the tips, leave for a bit, put a bit more on starting higher up, leave for a bit, put more on higher up, and so on, then once youve gone high enough wash it out, and there you have it, blended ombre hair, unless it's not ombre you're on about, then im not sure, on and use a violet shampoo to keep it blonde.x

  4. I was scared the first time I did it. I'm pleased I did it, all I can say is go for it haha. And thankyou :) x

  5. Cute photos!
    I like your Tshirt!
    Thanks for the comment!


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