Thursday, 22 September 2011

eugh packing...

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days I've been a busy bee packing stuff for uni and starting my uni project, which i was meant to do over the summer oops... its basically a project to try and get us to think about what we wanna do with our lives (ahh) and yeah i'm so indecisive anyways that i just could not decide for the life of me what i wanted to do therefore i couldn't start the essay and presentation (ew ew ew!) until i had decided... i think i know what i want to do now but hey my mind could change at any moment so we shall see!

Anyways on the packing front, i hate it. and i hate it even more so when its packing for uni. just packing everything up to unpack it all seems like such a waste of time and it takes me forever. i get soo distracted! although i did love a bit of 'basics' shopping in tescos yesterday - gotta love tescos! bought some right bargains best one by far theyre selling a massive bag of pasta like mahooosive for 2quid, go get yours now! literally lived off pasta last year! anyone got any tips for packing? or just uni in general?

Also seeing as i've not posted an outfit post recently, i've been slobbing around too much at home i thought i may aswell blog about thee most comfiest item of clothing you can ever have...
(sorry about the awful photo - weren't looking me best!)
... my jack wills joggers, my boyfriend got me them for my birthday as i kept on nicking his cus they are just soooooo comfy! i have them in a lovely purple colour loving the colour purple atm seriously recommend everyone getting a pair, can defo see myself wearing them a lot at uni!

lotsa love and daisies xx


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