Saturday, 17 September 2011

tesco's finest

yesterday i found these beautys from Tesco's who would've thought florence and fred would become so fashionable ey? Both each were £14! bargain! A whole outfit for 28 quid not bad when you probs wouldn't even be able to buy a shirt for that price in Topshop, and tbh i think it looks quite topshop-y defo gonna be looking in tescos more often now!

Today me and my Mum went to the Rainbows Hospice Fair (check out the link for the amazing work they do!) which is a childrens hospice just round the corner from my house in Loughborough  where they do amazing things for children with  terminal illnesses. They've just had an extension to the hospice so they had it open to the public to see the renovation. The work they have done there is fantastic, they've made it so modern and homey, nothing like a hospital at all. It really does put everything into perspective when you see what some people have to go through in their lives.

Hope everyone's having a fine Saturday evening, I'm just about to go to my boyfriends to watch forest gump, never watched it my sister has told me it is good, although I'm thinking I'll probably fall asleep half way through as I'm so tired! And have only just realised I'm missing xfactor?! Damn we best have it on record! Anyways toodle-ooo 
daisy lovee xxx

oh ps thank you soooo much for the comments and followers I really do appreciate every single one of you, I know theres not much to go on when you click follow so thank you so much! xx

love and daisies xx 


  1. Tesco do have some lovely stuff in at the moment but along with pretty much every shop in england they've upped their prices - this saddens me!


  2. Aw my friends cousin is in a hopsice like that, they do such a great job. I saw some knitwear in tesco today for a tenner, am going to go back in the week and investigate..x

  3. I love Tescos for a little bargain lunchtime shop! Those shoes are awesome too I'm looking for some new flats! x

  4. I've heard so much good things about Clothing At Tesco recently, they seem to be doing very well x


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