Tuesday, 13 September 2011


who doesn't love a good indie shirt buttoned all the way to the top?

love my (well my sisters!) old topshop bright red farmers shirt! I'm loving a bit of red at the mo with my vintage denim shorts, good for the autumn paired with tights or on the off chance it is a bit sunny, cute little socks with biker boots = YUM!

... another old, 'borrowed' from the lil sis shirt, really should get some shirts of my own, gonna suffer when I go back to uni

... shirt's from next - struggle to find decent clothes in there normally! however it is old.

... really really need to invest in a tripod don't I or a willing person to take many photos of my outfits, I aint the most photogenic person, literally about 1 in a million photos of me is decent ha :)

Hope everyone is having a fine Tuesday arvo... as you can see I'm only just starting up so would love for any comments on what you think of my blog 

lots of daisy loveee xxx


  1. Following, I know what you mean, I need a tripod too, having to ballance my camera around my room isn't fun..x

  2. Shirts are amazing! So comfortable! I specially like how they look over dresses.

  3. ha i know its hard work isn't it! ive started using blu-tack to hold my cam up, its working.. sorta :)
    thank you guys! xx

  4. Love the second shirt! And cute blog.

    Check mine out and follow if you get a chance :]


  5. You look lovely in shirts! I always tend to shy away from them as I feel they make me look a bit masculine! Haha! xoxo


Thank you very much for your lovely comments. I love you all and promise to take a peek at your lovely blogs :) x