Monday, 16 January 2012

weekend in pictures

Had a bit of a splurge in Topshop (arjghjdfhs) but I love them all and might take some stuff back (ha).  
Me and Max went to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, loved it. Although, be prepared for some er uncomfortable scenes. (Don't go see with parents.)

Had my first Urban Pie. Oh my gosh it was #amazeballs. Best pie I have ever had. If there is one near you, think they're only in Brum and Leics , you MUST go get now if your a pie lover like me.
Just sums up my weekend!

How was your weekend? So glad blogger has a reply button now, horraay! So any budding questions, ask away! 

Love and daisies xx


  1. Woo for topshop splurges! Sadly we don't have a Topshop near me :(

  2. I always spend my money at Topshop! And thank goodness, I watched the girl with dragon tattoo by myself! xoxoxo

  3. just found your blog! it's super cute and I really like your style a lot.

    I, too, saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo this past weekend and was surprised at how graphic some of the scenes were! it was still good, nonetheless... but definitely uncomfortable to watch.

  4. This film is on my to do list of films to watch =) might even be able to tempt the other half to watch it too! Haha x

  5. Lovely photos and I adore your purchases from topshop, so sweet! X

  6. Thanks for the lovely comment! Love the grey jersey dress, such a great staple item & I totally agree about the movie too, amazing, but glad I watched it alone!

    Stephanie / FAIIINT x

  7. Love it !!!

  8. You look so cute in the first photo! HELLO pie, I literally love any kind of pie!x

  9. Love it !!!

  10. I really want to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo! Love Rooney Mara. And all the stuff in Topshop right now is so good, might have to go at the weekend seeing as they're doing 20% off for students til Sunday. xx

  11. great blog
    perfect post
    beautful style



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