Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wishful thinking...

 Dress with belt: Primark
Need to start accessorizing! 

Okay, so after the rain this morning the sun was actually shining and it made me feel all summery, until I stepped outside. (boo) I just popped on some black tights and a thick cardy with this dress, for some reason I just felt my knobbly knees had to make an appearance why?! I do not know. Should've taken pics when I was fully ready to face the winter. 

I wasn't sure about this dress at first because of the stripes going across, didn't want it to make me look any bigger! But on the skirt the stripes go diagonal, it looks a lot better than I was expecting. It's quite thick material too, feels alright quality for Primark so is good for the coming Spring months! And the best thing, it was only a tenner. Bargain. 

Just been doing a lot of work today, nothing interesting to report! 

Oh, thank you for the lovely de-stressing tips, greatly appreciated :)

Love and daisies xx


  1. Don't think you have to worry about the stripes.. This looks amazing !!



  2. I love your belt. It's so chic and minimal.

  3. Thanks for following me, now following you back via Google xoxo

  4. LOVE this dress! looks amazing on you!

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  5. I love your dress and the belt looks lovely with it. have a lovely weekend :) xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  6. I read somewhere that it's acctualy been proven that stripes across are the slimming ones! I remember such pointless stuff, you look lovely x

  7. Cute dress!


  8. I can be a bit err about horizontal stripes aswell but you have nothing to worry about! You look gorgeous and I'm so so so jealous of your hair


  9. The dress is lovely!

    Have a great day!


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