Tuesday, 3 January 2012

all tied up

Top: Miss Guided
Glasses: Primark

Thought I'd try the up-do bow look today. Know it's a bit past it's time but I quite like it. I get bored with wearing my hair down but think hair down best suits me. It was surprisingly easy to do, just messed around with a bun for a while and voilĂ ! Not the most neat and amazing bun but think it's a pretty good effort for my first time. Have any of you got any different hair suggestions I can try out? Or that work well for you? 

Jumper is from Miss Guided, it's actually my sisters, (love being home and being able to steal borrow my sisters clothes!) Loving the leopard print cross, gotta love a bit of leopard print atm. It's so cosey too! Winter, comfy clothing ftw. 

Love and daisies xx


  1. That bows impressive, I always have my hair down I should try to vary it. Love your sisters jumper x

  2. Your hair looks so cute! This is such a great idea. I'm terrible at trying to do hair dos on myself... haha But you did great!

  3. love it!

  4. Soooooo cute!How do you do?:)

  5. I just love this hairstyle! Goddam i cut my hair short otherwise i would be following the trend ;)

  6. Aww, I love it !! Mine looks a mess when I attempt that style.. Ha.


  7. I love this hair do! I definitely don't think it's over done or anything, rarely see people wearing it! I really must try give it a go, but I know I'll fail. Looks so cool x

    sweet monday

  8. very cool, I want to try that!

  9. Great blog love the top knot, I'm following :) hope you will follow back


  10. love your jumper! I wanted one of them but never got round to buying it

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