Monday, 5 March 2012

jewelery and stuff

 Heart necklace: Urban Outfitters, Skull ring: Topshop, Cross ring: Vintage fair, Face necklace: Topshop, Penguin salt and pepper shakers and journals: Urban Outfitters

Bit of a random post today but just thought I'd blog about my few recent jewelery purchases. As mentioned previously I have very little accessories I seem to loose them all the time, such a forgetful person. I've wanted the skull ring for some time now and I love it, to rock up a pretty girl outfit with my leather jacket it will be perfect. I've wanted to try out a 2-ring ring (they probz have some spesh name ha) for a while now and this beauty was 4quid at this lovely little vintage fair in brum at the weekend so I snapped it up, yet to wear it to see if it annoys me or not!The happy and sad face necklace just drew to me as such a cutesy accessory, I'm one for kiddy stuff (#kidatheart).

Last 2 photos literally made my day. Went into Urban Outfitters on Friday to upgrade my million-year-old purse and got a free goody bag at the till for signing up to their newsletter. Expecting it to be sweets and loads of leaflets I was nicely surprised with these salt and pepper shakers (slightly obsessed with penguins after Frozen Planet) and then these journals, Max has already nabbed one. there were 3. There were also those fridge magnets with social network phrases on like 'like' ha and 'comment' etc. you've probs all seen them, however stupid me managed to get them mixed up in with the bin bags (waa!) Bar that it's fab! It wasn't advertised so mabes just pop into your Urban Outfitters and linger around til someone buys something and see if they offer the goody bag because it's sucha a good goody bag ;)

Sorry about the boring post/lack of posts, not been feeling my best but hopefully tomorrow I'll give you an outfit post :)

Love and daisies xx

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  1. You have good taste in jewellery! :) if you like cute jewellery, pop by the shop sometime at :) Let me know what you think! xxx


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