Saturday, 10 March 2012

moustache man

Nails: Elegant Touch Bare Fake Nails,
Barry M shade 279 and MUA liquid eyeliner

Lack of outfit post due to being in my onesie allll day today, was beautiful! Did these nails last night but left them over night to dry. Find it so easier to do nail art on fake nails before they're put on rather than after. I wanted to try something different and after my many purchases of different cross accesories recently I thought crosses on nails would look goood. Wish I'd done them all little crosses now, just thought it would look a bit ott but I don't think it actually would have done. They were so easy to do with the MUA eyeliner which only cost a quid (far cheaper than a nail art pen!) I just popped a clear nail varnish over the top and put them on this morning so they didn't smudge last night.

What do you guys think? What nail art are you loving atm?

Love and daisies xx

ps excuse the bad photo quality, I forgot to bring my camera home this weekend so stuck with 'instagram pics', also notice the lil moustache guy (bottom pic 4th finger!)


  1. I shall have to try doing some nail art with an eyeliner pen, this turned out lovely! <3

  2. Great nails!



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